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you help him next time!

i was taking pictures with my new owner pip in xiaoli and elles room..
and.. we noticed.. this baby cow was on it's head.. so i tried to help him. and he fell on his head again!!!
he's okay now though, but i'm mad at pip for laughing at me!


only ugly people lie about someone they've never even met.
shame on you if you believe them!
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I'm thinking about selling my lovely lati lea as I no longer play with her. I'm unsure how much to ask and hoped someone would be able to advise me. She was bought in 2006 has lati faceup and is in perfect condition. Shes also has her box and extra hands.
I also have lots of shoes and clothes and wondered if it would be best to sell these separately or not.

If you can help or if you're interested in buying her please drop me a line shelleyATtin-robot.com



Currently saving fo...

Yellow Lea >w<

Hey all!
I always thought Lati Yellow were the cutest thing ever!
But now I really want a friend for my lonely little Mirabeel (B&G Leile) so I thought I would get one =D

I really want a pointy eared Lea > 3<

I just cannot wait for Lati to be in stock =O

Anyone know when that is going to happen ?
I saw a website that said it selled in sep. and dec... but I did not see anything int heir news since july XP

Anyway... I adore~ all your photos =O
I wish I could get all of them xD


Picture stealers

Hey you guys, I'd like for all of you to please be wary of your pictures/ doll photography being used/faked by others on the internet.
In particular by any one connected to these following profiles:


She may not have stolen lati pictures but it was a picture of my painted barbie dolls/artwork used as her own/as well as pictures of myself...check my journal for more links.

Unfortunately some people are just very very strange.
And its a shame it happens.
I've had several of my pictures(including that of a doll's) being used without my permission for the past 3 years, and have had to privitise alot of my personal pictures and photography on the web, so as to stop it from happening again.
Please read my lj if in doubt.
And I would suggest watermarking your images if you care about complete strangers who don't own lati dolls, using your images/work and claiming them as their own on other sites.

My purpose of posting is so that any of you reading this can acknowledge  that this has already happened to me and it is entirely up to each individual reader to decide their own appropriate measures in regards to preventing their own lati pictures from being stolen.

Steph Carolyn xoxox

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